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Computer Diagnostics in Chickasha, OK

Chickasha with engine testing and tuning.  Our tuning shop has state of the art dynamometers with advanced computer instrumentation for advanced engine diagnostics.  Your engine and it’s components can tested for horsepower and other performance metrics.

With our readouts, you the owner will be able to know if any repairs or engine tuning is needed.  For example carburetor repair, and distributor repairs.

If you are noticing your vehicle isn’t performing as it once was or have ever wondered if your vehicle could perform better, bring it down to Griffith's Services .  We specialize in engine diagnostic service.  Our highly skilled technicians can thoroughly assess your cars complete engine.  From intake to exhaust.  If there’s any trouble spots in the carburetor or distributor for example, we can help fix it.

To get your car the professional care it needs, call Griffith's Services today to schedule an appointment. With today’s highly advanced and computerized engines, your car needs just as highly skilled and advanced people working on it.  Let our years of tech experience with engine diagnostics work for you

For the best Computer Diagnostics in Chickasha, OK, call and come visit us today! Griffith's Services . As your local premier Automotive Mechanic, we specialize in:  Computer DiagnosticsTransmission ServiceTires Sales, and Suspension Repair.


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